ARTICLE: Finding Common Ground on LGBTQ+ Ministry

Rooted in the values expressed in our six Covenant affirmations, the Evangelical Covenant Church has historically sought to find common ground on areas where many Christians have been divided.In light of this heritage, a diverse group of Covenanters (initially spearheaded by Pastor Randall Wilkens) developed a list of suggested ways in which we might find common ground in our ministry with and to LGBTQ+ people. This document is not meant to be an "official" statement or resolution of the ECC, but we do believe that it can serve as a starting point for conversations on how we can all tangibly excel in love for LGBTQ+ people. Find Here.

ARTICLE: God, the Bible, and Human Sexuality: A Response to Revisionist Readings
by the Biblical Faculty of North Park Theological Seminary

The biblical faculty of North Park Theological Seminary have endeavored to write a clear, user-friendly commentary and interpretation on the texts of the Bible that explicitly address same-sex sexual relations. This paper also engages with and responds to a number of recent revisionist readings of the biblical texts, ultimately undergirding the traditional sexual ethic of the historic church and the ECC. We are grateful to these Covenant scholars for devoting their time and effort to complete this work for the edification and flourishing of our church. Find Here.

BOOK: People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue
by Preston Sprinkle

In the midst of contemporary debates about homosexuality, Christians are looking for resources that are based solidly on a thorough study of what Scripture says. In People to Be Loved, Dr. Preston Sprinkle takes this deep dive into the Scriptures, rigorously engages with diverse interpretations, and ultimately upholds the validity of the traditional sexual ethic of heterosexual marriage and celibacy in singleness. At the same time, Sprinkle goes deeper. He challenges us with the reality that ultimately homosexuality is not just an issue—it is about people to be loved. Those holding the traditional view of human sexuality must still reconcile the Bible’s prohibition of same-sex relations with the message of the radical, unconditional grace of Jesus Christ. People to Be Loved is a powerful resource that gets us started on the journey. Find Here.

SERMON: Sermon from Danny Cortez

Danny Cortez, a Southern Baptist pastor who changed his stance. This message shares a dealing with the typical passages used to speak against homosexuality and shares personal experiences. Find Here.

ESSAY: Reconciling Evangelical Christianity with Our Sexual Minorities: Reframing the Biblical Discussion
by David P. Gushee

Most evangelical Christians have understood their faith, rooted in a high view of biblical authority, to be irreconcilable with "homosexuality." This has meant that devoted LGBT people raised as evangelical Christians must choose between their sexuality and their faith/religious community. But traditional evangelical attitudes on LGBT people and their relationships are beginning to change. This paper offers a description of the state of the conversation in the North American evangelical community on this issue, and summarizes a normative proposal. Find Here.