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Packing Hope

On April 13, 9:30am-11:30am, The Vine and Covington Middle School partner together with OneMeal to host a Packing Party for Africa New Life.
This event will require 150 people; which will be enough people to pack 50,000 meals in 2 hours.

For hungry children, food means more than just subsistence. It also means having the energy to play, the ability to concentrate and learn, and the hope of a future free of poverty! Help provide 50,000 meals for hungry children in Rwanda through Packing Hope. With your support of this event, we can make daily nutrition a reality for hundreds of Rwandan children in need.



•1 person can pack 365 meals in just 2 hours—a year’s worth of meals for a child!

•Just one box of meals from this event willprovide food for more than 200 childrenin need.

There are two ways to get involved:

1. Contribute funds

We need corporate and individual donors to help make this event happen. We need to raise $14,000 to fund the event and get these meals packed and in the hands of the children who need them! Please consider the following giving options:

  • Packing Champion - $5,000
: Donate or find partners willing to provide $1,000 or more. Bring your team or group for a meaningful community experience! Includes preregistration for up to 5 tables (50 people).

  • Table Sponsor - $1,000
: Donate $1,000 and bring your team or family for a fun two hours of service. Includes preregistration for 1 table (10 people).

  • Individual Sponsor - you decide! 
We welcome any amount! $5, $20, $100! Your generosity will make a difference and bring hope through meals to children in Rwanda

If you would like to make a financial contribution, please do so here:

2. Help pack meals

This event won’t happen unless we have people there to help pack the meals! You don't need to donate financially to attend the meal-packing event - you just need willing hearts and hands. Packing Hope is a fun, all-ages and all-abilities activity perfect for your work team, staff, church small group, youth group, club, or family. Child care will be provided for children 3 and under. Attend the two-hour event and make a real difference in the lives of children!

Doesn’t this seem inefficient and expensive?

  • There is a massive food shortage in Rwanda and the cost of food is increasing rapidly – for the 39% of Rwandans who live in poverty, basic necessities like food are very difficult to come by.

  • The World Food Programme estimates that over 50% of children in Rwanda suffer from malnutrition. Without sufficient food or the nutrients their bodies need, children cannot concentrate, learn or grow. These meals are protein-rich and designed to reverse the starvation process and its effects.

  • To transport the food, Africa New Life commonly uses shipping containers that are already being used for transport.

    So, packing and sending the meals this way is actually less expensive, healthier and efficient for the ministry.