4x4 Groups

Purpose: The most important calling in our lives is to grow in our ability to know and follow Jesus.  People do not primarily learn how to do this in church services, programs, or large gatherings.  Learning to follow Jesus is a faith-filled journey in the reality of our life.  To do this well, we need relationships of accountability, encouragement and support.

Summary: There is a long-standing practice in the Christian tradition for a community to have specific practices or “rules” for living.  The Vine has sought to have similar clarity in our experience of following Jesus.  We seek to follow Jesus through 4 practices.

  1. Attentiveness towards God and People
  2. Blessing Others
  3. Learning God’s Word
  4. Enacting Prayer

Regardless where one is in their journey with Jesus, we are ABLE to enact these four practices.  Likewise, these practices aren’t something for us to master.  They give us tools to live our spiritual lives as unending journeys of growth and exploration.

Particulars: We recommend that each 4x4 group be made up of 4 individuals of the same gender from different ages and stages of life.  Groups can meet either weekly or every-other-week.  At each gathering, the 4x4 group will share their experiences and responses to the 4 discussion questions listed in the document below.  After 4 months, groups are encouraged to multiply into two new 4x4 groups; providing room for others to join this experience. 


  1. You can form your own 4x4 group by inviting three other people.  Just let us know so we can keep you up to date and pray for you.  Email us.
  2. If you would like help joining a 4x4 Group, fill out the form below, and we will do our best to help.  
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