• Covington Middle School (map)
  • 3700 Convict Hill Road
  • Austin, TX, 78749
  • United States

PACKING PARTY with Africa New Life

On April 13, 9:30-11:30am, The Vine and Covington Middle School partner together to host a Packing Party for Africa New Life.
This event will require 150 people; which would pack 50,000 meals in 2 hours. The Vine will raise $14,000 needed to pay for the food and transportation.

Doesn’t this seem inefficient?

  • There is a massive food shortage in Rwanda because the country is land-locked. The cost of a bag of rice has nearly double in the past years. Therefore, for the 39% of Rwandans who live in poverty, basic necessities like food are VERY difficult to come by.

  • The World Food Programme estimates that over 50% of children in Rwanda suffer from malnutrition. Without sufficient food or the nutrients their bodies need, children cannot concentrate, learn or grow. Therefore, these meals will be a protein-rich fortified meal that is designed to reverse the starvation process and its effects. These meals have 120g of protein in 6 meals which is 20x more protein per meal than they are receiving currently. 

  • Africa New Life commonly use shipping containers that are already being used for transport. 

  • So it is cheaper, healthier and efficient for their ministry.